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The Junior Ambassadors

The junior ambassadors the dsj are young people who voluntarily take responsibility for social and (sports) political issues with which they identify. They stand up for something that is important to them, help shape it, become active and initiate their own projects in their sports clubs and associations. In the qualification offers of the dsj, they acquire knowledge and skills that enable them to position themselves on their topics and to place their message in sport.

The voluntary engagement as junior ambassador*in is something special. The engagement is not limited to a certain period of time and you don’t have to be elected to be able to get involved. It is a modern and flexible form of engagement that offers a lot of freedom to develop yourself, to realize your own ideas in a self-determined way and to bring a socially important topic into your own sports club or association.

In the “Orientation Framework for Junior Ambassadors in German Sports Youth”, the goals that the dsj associates with this form of voluntary commitment are presented. The role of the Junior Ambassadors in the dsj and its member organisations is also described.

The dsj currently offers Junior Ambassadors and qualification seminars for four topics:

  • Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)
  • Participation and diversity
  • Doping prevention
  • Protection of children and minors

The DBV’s “Anti-Discrimination” program now adds another thematic area.

Seminar GROUNDRULES 2020
Qualification seminar for interested athletes for the appointment as Junior Ambassador

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